Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The TNG Sampler - A 25th Anniversary Release...

TNG on Consumer Home Video:

Columbia House Ad
Back of LD

For the 25th Anniversary - Encounter @ Farpoint on VHS & Laserdisc

Pre -release VHS 

Original VHS AD

 Album Sampler: Each Season of TNG Had it's own cover design:

Season One: 

Season Two

Season Three


Season Four

Back of the Laserdisc. 

Season Five

LD back Cover

Season Six:

Back of VHS
Back of LD

Season Seven

VHS Front Cover
LD Back Cover

To witness all the TNG VHS Covers.. visit : 

All Good Things....

Top: The VHS Cover. Bottom: LD Back cover.
End of series double episode Collector's Edition Box set .

 Additional Box sets and Stand alone releases..


Inside LD Jacket Episode description

From The Captains Collection

 The Columbia House VHS release:
These releases utilized bumper titles screens before each episode.
 Here are some examples:

All the Columbia House VHS boxes looked the same: Only the episode description changed.

Above: The two bookends - The pilot episode and the series final. 

The initial run of "Encounter at Farpoint" featured the edited two-part syndication version of the episode. Later releases corrected this error at the request of series creator Gene Roddenberry and Paramount and issued the uncut version in its place.

In 2002 - TNG was finally released on DVD

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