Tuesday, April 19, 2016

ENTERPRISE: The Original Series Tribute

Alternative Opening title w/ Black Letter's.

  "In a Mirror, Darkly" Parts One and Two were the 18th & 19th    episodes of the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise

                           They were developed as a sequel to The Original Series episode
                                  "The Tholian Web"  and a prequel to "Mirror, Mirror",
                           since the events in this series take place 100 years prior to TOS.

In fact - the entire story takes place entirely in the "Mirror Universe."

"In a Mirror, Darkly" was first released  as part of the Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four Box-set.

         This set included a fifteen-minute-long documentary on the origins of the episode
                                               and the background to the "Mirror Universe."

DVD Episode Menu
DVD Episode Menu

DVD Menu

           "In a Mirror, Darkly" was also included in the "Alternate Realities" Fan Collective,
                                           along with the Original "Mirror, Mirror" episode.

In the Mirror Universe.....
                                                      "Mirror, Mirror" Episode Preview

Original Series  -  Columbia House Bumper 

TOS Episode Title Shots. Original & Digital Re-Mastered
The vessel mysteriously disappeared in Kirk's era only to arrive
100 years earlier in the Mirror Universe. 

                                                                   Episode Preview

Additional 411 concerning the difficulties faced by the Crew of the Enterprise.
  The USS Defiant, from TOS's "The Tholian Web."
                                                    Watch the "Alternate" Opening here:

                                  STAR TREK ENTERPRISE 

                                  'In a Mirror, Darkly' Opening                                                   Titles (HQ)

The production designers perfectly recreated 
                  The Original Bridge for this special episode.                

"In a Mirror , Darkly Part II"


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