Tuesday, April 19, 2016

ENTERPRISE: In a Mirror, Darky...

Alternative Opening title w/ Black Letter's.

  "In a Mirror, Darkly" Parts One and Two were the 18th & 19th    episodes of the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise

                           They were developed as a sequel to The Original Series episode
                                  "The Tholian Web"  and a prequel to "Mirror, Mirror",
                           since the events in this series take place 100 years prior to TOS.

In fact - the entire story takes place entirely in the "Mirror Universe."

"In a Mirror, Darkly" was first released  as part of the Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four Box-set.

         This set included a fifteen-minute-long documentary on the origins of the episode
                                               and the background to the "Mirror Universe."

DVD Episode Menu
DVD Episode Menu

DVD Menu

           "In a Mirror, Darkly" was also included in the "Alternate Realities" Fan Collective,
                                           along with the Original "Mirror, Mirror" episode.

In the Mirror Universe.....
Original Series  -  Columbia House Bumper 
The vessel that mysteriously disappeared in Kirk's era

The TOS Episode
  The USS Defiant, from TOS's "The Tholian Web."
                              Watch the " IN The Mirror, Darkly" alternate opening here:

The production designers perfectly recreated the TOS Bridge set


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