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The Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special

 "TO BOLDLY GO.......  

The Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special was a television special that originally aired during the week of Sept. 28th in syndicated markets.
 The Video was release in July of 1992.
   This tribute  tells the story of how both TOS and The  Next Generation and the first six movies came about. Includes plenty of behind-the-scenes looks, clips from the series and movies, bloopers, and interviews with creator Gene Roddenberry, and the cast members, and was hosted by Bill Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

 In some markets -
 this program was proceeded by the The Star Trek Viewers Choice Marathon.


VHS Back-
Furthermore - TNG made it's Home Video Debut.

                                        Host Leonard Nimoy discusses Star Trek VI.

TV Special Logo.

Helping to bridge the generation gap.


Gene and both cast @ the dedication of the building in his name.


Gene Roddenberry past away in October of 1991 - 

End of program dedication tribute pic. For more, click here
Season 5 DVD Booklet.

       and the above bumper was added to end of the home  video release of this title.                         

Industry Magazine Publications 
More additional information read: Star Trek Turns 25.

Additionally - Three different  25th Anniversary VHS
                     ( and a Laserdisc )Box sets were released,
                     each set containing a pin set and a letter from Gene Roddenberry.



The 25th Anniversary Teaser Trailer for the last TOS film.
                                 Watch the Star Trek VI : The Official Teaser Trailer here:
                                                             @ST:TUC HD Trailer

25th Anniversary Music compilation

Furthermore - Paramount released this Promotional Laserdisc Sampler disc for video retailers that contained film clips from over 80 different features - including the Trek feature films to promote the release of the TOS Movies on Laserdisc.

Click this line to watch film clips used on this disc

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