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"Unification" was a two-part episode from the fifth season of  Star Trek: The Next Generation which featured Leonard Nimoy  returning in the role of Ambassador  Spock, now engaged in a "personal mission of peace" on an unauthorized mission to attempt to reunify the Vulcan and Romulan peoples, who once were part of the same civilization.
 Leonard Nimoy reprised the role of Spock to publicize Star Trek VI:  The Undiscovered Country, which he co-wrote, and served as the executive producer. This episode was dedicated to Gene Roddenberry, who died shorty before it' was broadcast,  which aired just weeks before the film was  release.

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 Both the film and this episode
 (which had the highest ratings
  in the series history)
 were produced in order to
 celebrate Star Trek's
 25th Anniversary.             

Home Video releases:
Long before this original two part episode was made into a single "film" for the Stand-alone HD remastered Blu-ray release, these episodes were release together on both the 1997 Laserdisc   and on the Columbia House VHS editions.

 In The original 1996 VHS release they were sold as two separate tapes, Part II and then Part I, respectfully. This was done because, "Unification II" was filmed before "Unification I", due to when the guest stars were available to film their parts. Also, the Laserdisc version of this release contained chapter titles- which was rarely seen for most of the disc in this series. The chapter markers were repeated on the season 5 DVD, except for chapters 14,16, and 18, due to the fact that each DVD only contained 8 chapters.  These chapter titles were also absent from both VHS cassettes.

VHS Cover
LD back cover. Notice Ep. Numbers./ Chapter titles.

PAL LD Cover

Spock's Father appeared in Part I.
Sela in Part II. Click here for more....
 about Sela's backstory.

Press Photo
Actor Mark Lenard returns.
 See Below.

Further details about Unification 1 and Unification II @ Memory Alpha.


You can watch the trailer for the Blu-ray release here:

Blu-ray Cover.
Unification was also released on the Original Season 5 DVD Set


Season 5- VHS Cover Photo's
Several plots elements of Unification were designed to tie into Star Trek VI.
For more about this: Read "Bridging the Generation Gap"
by clicking on the above link.
For more behind the scenes articles about the making of Star Trek VI:
Original DVD Cover

 Speaking of Guest:
     Actor Mark Lenard again reprised his role of "Sarek", Spock's father ,
       in both Star Trek VI and in Season 5's Unification.
     This was the second time  "Sarek" had appeared in an The Next Generation episode.
        The 1st of time he seen was during Season 3's  Episode 71.


VHS Back Cover

DVD main menu.

                Sarek 1st appeared in the Original TV series and in the Original Series Movies:

Sarek: As seen in STVI: TUC.


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